Wine tourism Alicante and Murcia

Wine tourism Alicante and in the neighboring provinces of Murcia and Valencia offer interesting routes.  It is an opportunity to not only try out great wine. In addition, you will  but also get close to local culture . Take the opportunity to  gain  great insights into Spanish agriculture, history and the countryside.

In Souther Alicante you have wine production in the nature reserve of La Mata, in the lagoon area.

Wine tourism in Alicante and Murcia

The vineyards and wine brands are actively working with tourism. Visit a vineyard, try the wines, hike between vineyards or on the land.  Sometimes you can even participate in the harvest of grapes.

In both Alicante and Murcia there is host tourism organized in different networks

For example, two major networks in Alicante are Ruta del Vino Alicante and Vinos Alicante Denominación de Origen

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Food experiences and wine tourism

It is on the Spanish countryside you will get the best culinary experience. Many of the best restaurants are located in the countryside. Often on a countryside lane. Nevertheless,  always close enough to the city for dwellers to go there for a week-end outing. If you are looking for something very special you might have to pre-book the restaurant.

Search for the region of Medio Vinalopó, with its farming and vineyards. You can go up to Fondón de les Neus and visit local Bodegas. In addition and not far away, you will find the village of Monóvar. Here you have more vineyards and the opportunity to try quality wines. In addition, you can combine your wine trip with olive oil trip. There are also many producers of olive oil offering  tours of their production site or farm.

A little closer to Novelda you will also find vineyards with a restaurant and a round tours of the production and land.

In the province of Murcia, in the mountains and close to the national park “El Carche” you will find the vineyard Casa del Ermita and Hacienda del Carce.