Thermal spa resorts in Murcia: Wellness trip

Are you looking for a thermal spa in Murcia? Then head to southern Alicante! It is a gateway if you want to explore nature, thermal bath, and history of several provinces. Every year I try to go with friends to Villa Balea and we just hang out around the pool or spa after an excursion or two.

Many of us have a busy daily schedule, so it is important to set aside time to relax. Achieve balance between work, wellbeing, and fun is my motto. Instead of enduring the long Swedish winter, it feels great to walk barefoot on the beach, enjoy a spa day, or even simply having an outside lunch in the sun in Murica.

Spa Murcia countryside excursion

Information about spa in Murcia and its history

Close to Villa Balea, you will find spa resorts, which is great for your wellbeing and it is fun with friends. Take a day and go to one of the spa that is relatively close to Villa Balea and at the same time visit the interesting historical sites close by. If you like history, there are many remains of Roman Baths in both Murcia and in the Alicante area.

The town of Archena: Thermal waters and excursions

The town of Archena is known for spa in early spring and it is a great outing experience. It is about 72 km or 1 hour drive from Villa Balea. It is not hard to find the town and much of the way there is on the high way to Murcia. If you have time, be sure to stop by Orihuela.

Archena is situated on the banks of the Segura River. If you have time you can walk along the river bank. There are nice hiking paths near by and trails leading into the Valle de Ricote.

You will walk by the fertile lands around the River Segura and can fully enjoy plenty of fruit, vineyards, citrus orchards, and chalky mountains. There are plenty of small towns in the valley.

Facts River Segura: the river goes all the way from its spring in the Sierra de Segura inJaen to the Mediterranean Sea at the location of Guardamar de Segura.

The watercourse is an important hydrographic source and runs 325 km passing 4 provinces Jaén, Albacete, Murcia and Alicante, before reaching the mouth in the Mediterranean Sea.

If you stay over night you can continue more into the inland and enjoy nature and outdoor activities at Sierra de la Pila Regional Park. The park offers hiking trails and beautiful landscapes. Another town is Calasparra, a picturesque town with historical sites known for its rice production,

The thermal waters of los Baños de Mula

The springs around the the Mula River has a history that goes back to Roman settlement. At the beginning of the 19th century, thermal waters started to be popular and at its peak of glory, people did not stop arriving by train. The Río Mula region, in the center of the Region of Murcia, includes four municipalities (Albudeite, Campos del Río, Pliego and Mula).  The thermal center of los Baños de Mula has a long tradition

If you are interested in geology the region around los Baños de Mula has sites of great value such as a deposit volcanic rocks. The region is also different from the other sites in the Segura River basin in regards to water resources, natural springs and its quality. For example the 1) relatively high rainfall, the lesser exploitation for agricultural purpose and thus less pressure on the groundwater

Spa resorts in the town of Fortuna

Fortuna is a town in Murcia region with a thermal spa history dating back to Roman times. It definitely seems like many of the towns with a spa (Balneario) resort have a Roman bath legacy. It is interesting how culture lives on around the hot springs.

There are several archaeological remains in the area, such as the the ancient Roman Thermal Baths. However, there have been human settlements long before the Romans. Mineral-medicinal waters is part of the heritage of the area.

The landscape, which consists of plateau, by the mountains ranges from Sierra del Corque mountain to part of Sierra de la Pila. It is part of the vast alluvial plain along the Segura river. Agricultural is important as in all the other parts of The fertile lands near the Segura River.

What to think about before setting off

An idea is to check if the spa expect any big groups on the day you like to go. Perhaps you have to pre-book. Personally, we started off by the outdoor pool almost for ourselves, but as the day progressed, more people came.

Also check what you need in terms of outfit. Apart from swimming suit, you most definitely need a cap and slippers.

Over the years we have tried different activities together with spa, including: