Work-away break with friends in Alicante

Escape and remote work in the sun

Work-away break Alicante. Co-working getaways is the secret to how I stayed motivated as a small business owner. Being able to change my working environment from an office to the Mediterranean garden at Villa Balea in Alicante is a blissful experience. Together with my family, I am running a motorhome rental business in Sweden. We are a close-kit community of the same persons. Don’t get me wrong I love my family but I really, really just need to get a break from them sometimes.

However, deep down I feel bad when I go off on a break and they are staying on, running the business. I also know that there are certain area of work that will not get done while I am away. This is why I always try to combine work with pleasure. So, why would I want to surround myself with my coworkers and business partners on holiday?

Co-working getaway as a concept

We are all human with daily struggles, we all need a breath of fresh air. So why not do it together? I like to surround myself with friends and informal and formal business partners. I love my network GoNatureTrip. Most of us live far away from each other, but we still find time to spend some quality time together. Often we go and visit each other and on some occasion we have met up in Villa Balea on a co-working holiday. Being in each others’ company gives us the motivation and energy to keep going.

I stayed for a week while my friends and partners came for a long week-end. For us, coming from the long Swedish winter it is such a treat to be able to work outside, in the Mediterranean garden or by the pool. Villa Balea have Wi-Fi that almost covers the whole outside area. It was such a blessing to take my laptop outside and look up to see a dear friend and business partner working away on the other side of the Villa Balea garden. We took long breaks just talking or cooking lunch. It not only strengthened our friendship, but also our long standing partnership. One day we went to Murcia to a Balenario or mountain Spa. Not far to go and a great treat.

Co-working in Alicante Spain with Cattis, Malin, Iwona and Carin

My friend Carin who lived on the Costa del Sol turned up with her bike and the rest of us rented a bike in Ciudad Quesada. We combined working days with hiking and making micro excursions on our rented bikes.

I showed my friends my favourite sites and hikes. One day I took them to the Rio Segura walk and other day we went to my favourite spot on Guardamar de Segura beach, Play de Camp. A beautiful nature walk without edification. We did not make it the whole way to La Mata beach in Torrevieja but still we managed to do some kilometres in the sand. Walk and talk at its best. Carin looked for a online yoga session in the afternoon.

From the Villa Balea garden to back home

Every morning we went to pick something from the garden. One of the days our dear Spanish friend Maria showed us how to make delicious Spanish French toast (Torijas), with taste of oranges. All of us are keen eaters and love to explore and learn about the local food.

At the end of the day, going on a co-working holiday with your coworkers, or business partners, can improve the relationship you have already. Of course, co-working getaway isn’t for everyone, however, it can recharge you after a burnout. Now you know my trick to stay motivated as a small business owner. There is something about working at a lower pace in a relaxed environment with friendly people gives me the energy to go on.