Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Before arrival

Q: What do I need to do before my arrival?

Firstly, please send an email to us with your estimated time of arrival, if you haven’t already done this during your booking.

Secondly, you need sign a short-term rental contract. We also need a copy of your passport or national identification card, and the information below.

Name of guest:
Date of Birth:
Nationality :
Type : National identity card or passport
Document number:
Date issued:
Date expiry:

Please send the copies, along with the above information, to us in an email. The Spanish authorities requires this information from all our guests.

Q: How will I get the keys?

You will receive information about who will greet you and where in an email from us. In it you will also find their direct contact information.

They will show you the most important features of the villa. As well as, they will register your arrival in accordance to Spanish regulations.


Q: How and when do I check out?

Check out time is normally before 12:00 noon on the day of your departure. If you want to check out earlier, please let us know by either sending us an email or contacting your local contact, and we will arrange something.

Your local contact will then come to fetch the keys and inspect the villa.

Q: cleaning of the villa

The final cleaning is done by a professional company. It is not included in the price see prices in our booking system. We ask our guests to take out the garbage and empty the fridge.

Q: How will I get my deposit back?

After your departure inspection, the deposit will be paid back to your credit card by us, or through the booking channel you used.

Q: How do you handle payment processing?

Please look at the terms and conditions page

Q: How do you handle cancellations an re-bookings?

Please look at the terms and conditions page


Q: Is electricity and water included?

Yes, electricity and water is included in the price.
Villabalea uses modern low-energy LED lights. However, in consideration for the environment have in mind that there is water shortage in the Alicante region. It is not possible to have all the electrical appliances on at the same time. The fuse might go.


Frequently Asked Questions Villa Balea

Staying at Villabalea

Q: Is the studio apartment included in the price?

The studio is a separate small flat which is situated above the villa. The Villa has 6 beds and with the studio you will have 8 beds. If you wish to rent the studio and the Villa the price is not the same as if you only rent the Villa. .It is never rented out to another group of people. When you rent the villa- first floor- you can rent the studio if you need an extra space . Please also see Villa Balea description.

Q: Can I use the dishwasher and the washing machine at the same time?

Please do not use the washing machine and the dish washer simultaneously. The electrical system will be overloaded and the fuses will be blown.

Q: The stove isn’t working/I can’t turn on the stove?

If the gas stove has not been used for some time, it might take a while for the gas to reach the stove. Try turning it on and wait for a while.

If it does not work:
1) Check in the cupboard (to the left of the stove), if the gas tap is open. Twist the lever/knob in the opposite direction and wait.
2) Check the gas bottles under the staircase (in the pool area). Twist the lever/knob in the opposite direction, they might be shut.

Q: Where can I find the controls for the outdoor lights?

Nearly all outdoor lights are controlled by a light sensor. However, you will find the light switch for the sunshade and grill under the roof of the sunshade in a grey box. The middle buttons control lighting under the sunshade and grill. Leave the rest be. When you do not use the sunshade or grill, we ask you to turn off these lights.

There is a light switch on the right side of the sauna’s door. The right button controls lighting inside the sauna. Leave the rest be.

Q: I can’t get the Chromecast or Apple TV to work?

1) Make sure the right HDMI cable is plugged in at the back of the TV for Apple TV or Chromecast. 2) Use the TV remote to select the right input. 3) You need your own Apple TV account

Otherwise, please refer to the instruction guide you received via email or on the spot. You can email us for a new copy.

Q: How does the alarm/wifi/printer work?

Please refer to the instruction guide you received via email or on the spot. You can email us for a new copy.

Q: Where do I throw the trash?

As you come out of the villa facing the street, turn left and go a bit up hill. You will find a green trash container surrounded by yellow bars.

Q: How to turn on the sauna?

Unfortunately the sauna is being repaired. It is used as a storage space for garden furniture and pool toys at the moment.

Nearby Villabalea

Q: What to do/see nearby?

There are many things to do and see in the surroundings of Villa Balea. Please read our Villa Balea blog for inspiration.

Some examples: you can go to the Guardamar beach, a 9 km bike ride or hike along to the river Segura. Start at the golf course La Marquesa, a nice walk from Ciudad Quesada and find the entrance to Segura River´s biking and hiking trail. If you like outdoor sports try out MTB , play boule/ pétanque, play golf or play soccer and outdoor basketball. in the municipal sports facilities, play tennis or paddle tennis.
with a good Spanish or international food, but there are many other things that you can discover yourself or following the indications of my blog . Check out the below map for an overview.

Q: Where is the nearest supermarket?

The closest is Supermarket Canales, about 850m which is 8 minutes walk or 2 minutes drive (easy to find parking).

You can also go to the Ciudad Quesada city center to find more shopping malls and supermarkets.
The commercial center of Ciudad Quesada, is about 850 m from Villa Balea. 10 minutes walking and plenty of parking. In the center of Ciudad Quesada you can find all kind of shops, services such as hairdresser and beauty parlours, several bars, restaurants serving Spanish, Asian and European cuisine.

Q: Taxi services?

There is a taxi rank down at Ciudad Quesada main square.
The commercial center of Ciudad Quesada, is about 850 m from Villa Balea. 10 minutes walking. Please see this Facebook group for recommendations on reliable taxi services