Winter holiday Ciudad Quesada

Spain several times a year makes me happy

I go to Ciudad Quesada winter time. I love the mediterranean winter sun and light. Also, I have a hard time when it is really hot. This is why, for me Spain in the summer is not really an option.

In addition, we have a motorhome rental business and my busiest time of the year is during the summer holiday season. So summer holidays is, more than often, out of the pictures for me. Also, as a business owner I can seldom take more than two days off without opening the computer. So I need a base with good wifi.

Mediterranean climate, life and wellbeing

Nevertheless as most people I need to take breaks to recharge my batteries. I am having a hard time to leave my phone and computer tucked away for more than one day at a time. It is true that our business, my sons as well as the world can do without me. The harsh reality is that I am just hocked on the information flow and I need to be up-dated the whole time.

This information flow addiction is my greatest challenge and I need to find a way out of it. Especially as is seems that the world seem to be crazier by the day. 

I am looking ways out and come to the conclusion thatI need two main features to truly disconnect 1) Gain new experiences and 2) change routines at least part of the day 3) a lot of outdoors and long walks

  • Gain new experiences. The experiences do not need to be sensational but they should generate a sense of awe. Sometimes it is just enough to take a good look around me and open my mind up to the exploring. This makes me stay mentally healthy and alert.
  • Change routines. I need and enjoy norms and routines in my every day and often busy life. They make it possible for me to reach my daily goals. However, I realize that when I change routines, .it helps my brain to reset and for a moment let go
  • Outdoors and long walks. What can I say. Alicante is perfect for long walks. You have the protected nature sites, mountains, and the beaches.

I really love going to Spain. Perhaps because I speak well one of the languages ( Spanish). Just to change language opens up another part of my brain. Also, I have many friends in the country, especially in the Alicante region. They are truly wonderful people and they always makes me feel at home. When I am in Spain I feel light and happy.

Spanish life and climate

I go to Spain several times a year and mainly  in winter time and spring . I I often go to Villa Balea to combine working and change the phase from everyday life (as explained above). Sometimes I go by myself but I always try to invite friends or family to come along.

It is just easier to socialise in Spain.  The lazy sunny winter days when while outside in the sun you can sit in a t-shirts and shorts.

coworking Mediterranean Villa

Ciudad Quesada autumn, winter and spring

It can get a bit cold at nights and Ciudada Quesada gets a bit empty and dark. I must admit that when I see the empty urbanisation I do ask myself why they are building more houses in the area.  However, with more people moving to the area there are however positive developments.

  1. Bicycle lanes all around la Vega Baja. On my last visit in October there were many people on their electrical bike around Ciudad Quesada, Rojales, Benijofar and on the country side roads
  2. More and more people living the whole year around in the Villa Balea area. As it is walking distance to the Ciudad Quesada Commercial centre it seem to be a popular area to live the whole year round. Always nice to have neighbours. 
  3. More and more restaurants and bars in Ciudad Quesada and in Benijofar.
  4. The parks and green areas are sometimes a bit neglected but there are definitely top green areas such as “el Recorral”. I also want to discover the Nature park or Nature Reserve ” Parque Natural de las Lagunas de la Mata-Torrevieja”. Walking around the lagune must be a nice one day hike.
  5. Sports faciltiies all around, in Rojales and Benijofar but also in Ciudad Quesada
  6. The beaches in Winter time are empty and well-kept. Just enough people to keep the coffe shops open. It is so nice to walk on the beach in the early morning and have a Spanish Breakfast in one of the beach walk terraces. 

Go other parts of Spain

Nevertheless, in 2023 I decided to actually take a holiday so I also went to the Basque Country and to the Alicante mountains ( Sierra Mariola). I will write more about that experience in coming blog texts. These trips were great “go with the flow” experiences. Keep your eyes open for coming text here on Villa Balea blog or on my other tips sharing site “Go nature trip World“.