Alicante wintertime Villa Balea

Alicante wintertime

In Alicante wintertime in Villa Balea has become my holiday treat. Between January and February is the best time and place to travel to Spain and Ciudad Quesada. These are some of my favourite months to go to the Alicante region.


It is usually not too hot but the days are filled with sunshine and light. In the Villa Balea garden the oranges and lemons start to be a bit too ripe but still taste delicious.

On my lastest trip it was cool but already a week after the temperature went up to 26 celsius.

Ciudad Quesada commercial centre

In Ciudad Quesada commercial centre you can enjoy the outdoor terraces the whole year around. In commercial centre you can find shops, bars, restaurants and supermarkets. Only 800 metres walk from Villa Balea.

Alicante wintertime in Villa Balea and how I spend my days

I combine meeting up with friends with being a digital nomad. As I am in charge of all the bookings in our Swedish Motorhome Rental companies. I also fix things around the house. At my last stay I took all the duvets to cleaning and I also bought sun beds.

Cook Spanish dishes

One of the really joyful things is to meet up with friends. Instead of going to restaurants we try to meet up at the Villa to cook. This time Maria and I made chicken soup but instead of buying a whole chicken we bought chicken feet and chicken carcass. Maria was happy to eat the chicken feet but I could not bring myself to do it. Some days later a good friend showed me how to make a Spanish pizza called Coca Alicantina. It is not hard .

Cook arroz ( rice dish) outdoors

Cooking an arroz or paella takes time. My friends Aurora and Pilar invited me to their house and cooked a lovely paella with chicken, hare and spare ribs as the main proteins. Aurora showed me the different steps and it is a time consuming process . First, you cook a good broth on the bones and parts of the meat that you would not eat . Then you make a so-called sofrito. When it’s ready, you wait until lunch time which is around 14.00 in Spain, and then you light the fire.

Home-made fried almonds

At my friends’ house, the father showed up with home-fried almonds. Oh so good and what memories from my first time in Spain when I almost stayed with this wonderful family.

Tapas och handla spansk mat

Every time I go to Rojales I visit the local boule club. Not to play boules, or as it is called in Spanish "Petanca", but to eat tapas. The club is municipal but the bar is run by a family and there are good tapas and a nice family like atmosphere. 

My second favorite place for tapas is in the locality el “Altet” right by the airport. I usually get a ride from Maria and we stop to eat  artichoke (if it's in season), grilled liver and grilled mushrooms. So delicious!

Alicante in the winter hiking

As you may understand, it is not possible eat and eat well. It is also important to exercise. lThe Spanish winter is getting shorter and shorter but in January and February it is nice to hike. The climate is perfect sunny but not too hot.

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