Services and reception -Holiday rental Ciudad Quesada, Welcome to Villa Balea,

Holiday rental Ciudad Quesada, Welcome to Villa Balea

We will prepare the beds

You have booked Villa Balea, either the Villa – first floor or the Villa-first floor and the studio .

In the Villa you have three bed rooms. Two bedrooms with double beds ( can also be made into two single beds) and one bed room with bunkerbed.

An example: If you are 6 people sleeping, we will prepare the bed in the three bedrooms. If you have rented the studio as well we will prepare 6 beds in the Villa- first floor and two beds in the studio.

If you are travelling with a small child in need of a baby cot we will set up a baby cot for your (a travel baby-cot)


All payments, including the deposit, has been done online with the Daylight Holiday Home office ( Eva Oscarsson), before check-in. If you have booked through a OTA all payments are handled through them. 

Frequently asked questions 

Holiday rental Ciudad Quesada, please see our FAQ 

Time of arrival 

Please send to know your estimated time of arrival. If you arrive late at night we have a key box in the garden. Let us know.

30 minutes before arrival please contact Ida Flygansvar from Torrevieja Home Service to let her know
your time of arrival. You can SMS or WhatsApp her. She will show you the Villa and hand over the
Contact: Torrevieja HomeService
Ida Flygansvar:
Mobile / WhatsApp+ +47 929 11 146

If you are delayed please also send a message to Ida and her team will show you the most important features of the house.

Check in procedure

According to Spanish regulation and authorities have to register all the guest 16 years old and over.
We have to collect data and copies of passports or national identity cards. Ida will
help to register your arrival in accordance to Spanish regulations.

At arrival you will sign a receipt/ There will be a short-term rental contract with the passport number
or national identification numbers of each guest 16 years old and over will sign the contract
(according to Spanish regulation).

Ida will take a copy of your documents if you did not have possibility to send them to Daylight
Holiday Homes in beforehand.

Name of guest:
Date of Birth:
Type: National identity card or passport
Date issued:

Drinking water and food at arrival

We have installed a water filter so that you can drink the water from the water tap. In the kitchen you will find two taps. The one on the left side is for the filtered water. 

If you wish to order food there are an increasing amount of online services. Check out Carrefour Torrevieja, Mercadona Benijofar or perhaps Lidl Ciudad Quesada . There is also a Más y Más Supermarket in Ciudad Quesada. Just make sure that a local branch of supermarket has this service.

If you wish the delivery to be made before your arrival it is very important that you coordinate with Ida as she is only in the house for cleaning and arranging for your arrival. 

Time of departure 

The normal check-out time is between 8.00-12.00  If you have a really early flight we will arrange for your check-out earlier. If you have a really later flight it depends on when the next guest will be arriving.

Holiday rental Ciudad Quesada. How to find the Villa

Please see google map for the best roads to Villa Balea

Address: Villa Balea , Avenida Costa Blanca 19- Ciudad Quesada

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