Industrial heritage Alicante

Industrial heritage Alicante

The industrial heritage Alicante is present all over. This is good as industrial tourism is on the rise. It is closely connected to other learning vacactions as it gives you an insight in the development of Spain, both economic and social.

Part of Alicante landscape is clearly marked by industries such as the production of salt and the agricultural sector with all its irrigation systems. In addition, and if I can be so bold, the early rise of tourism driven by the church and the pilgrimage. There is so much heritage to discover.

The natural sources and geology

In the inland you can also find thermal baths and springs that provided the locations with visitors all through history, from the Roman times and forwards. In additions there are several mining locations in which the locals are promoting festivals and cultural centerns in the mines. This might be more in the region of Murcia, the neighboring province.

Industrial heritage Alicante through Family Businesses

Alicante has a long history of family businesses. Many of the villages and towns specialized in various industries. Travel around in the footsteps of industry; Pinoso, where you can visit the Casa del Mármol y el Vino (Marble and Wine), the textile industry of Alcoy. The toy museums Ibi and exhibitions showing the history of shoe manufacturing in Elche or Elda. If you like almonds and sugar, the Turron is made in nearby Jijona. In Villajoyosa you can visit the chocolate manufacturer “Valor”. In the town of Castalla you can taste delicious and traditionally made ice-cream, mantecao is one of the most popular flavours. There is also a tradition of pastry-making.

Sports and tourism

The Spanish climate is perfect for the sports sector to attract people and teams from all over the world to train and enjoy outdoor training the whole year around