Spanish festivities and events in Alicante

Spanish Festivities and events in Alicante are something that the locals take serious all over the province.

This is why, there is a variety of festivities on offer, the whole year round.

Especially important are the religious events and processions around easter and Christmas.

For families with children, the Reyes Magos, January 5th, is a fun event. In towns around Alicante the three wise men come to the town centre with its entourage. For example. the closest to Villa Balea takes place in Torrevieja.  In addition. In the city of Alcoy,  the towns people have a full-fledged celebration. Locals dressed-up locals climb ladders and hand out gifts to the children waiting in the windows or on the balconies.

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New Festivities and festivals

The Spaniards do not miss the opportunity to get together,  organize and innovate new ways to have fun.  For example, today you can enjoy “Tapas” routes, run half marathons and 10 km races in almost all towns.

Worthwhile to visit:

Reyes Magos 5th of January in Alcoy and Torrevieja. Nevertheless, you can find this celebration in almost all major towns.

Fallas in Valencia is a spectacular event, taking place in March each year. While,  in Alicante, they celebrate in a similar way with bonfires, statues made out of cardboard and fireworks, check out Las Hogueras de San Juan.

Semana Santa, the easter week is a must if you are in Spain during the easter break.  Most towns have their own celebrations and processions. Check out GuardamarTorreveja , Almoradi , OrihuelaElche,  Alicante,  Alcoy,  Altea ,  Aspe , Callosa de Segura.

Moros y Cristianos is another festivity taking place all over the province.

In May visit Feria de Mayo

In June check out more celebrations of Hogueras de San Juan

If you are more into sports you could join the  10KM Rojales, taking place in October/ November each year. In addition. you can return after Christmas and run the   – Mitja Marató Vila de Santa Pola.  This half marathon takes in January each year. However, If you want to run in December check out the New year races, San Silvestre in Crevillente and Almoradi.