Common active activities to do in Spain on holiday

Active and sporty holiday in Spain

I love to be active, especially when I am holiday. Everyday fitness and sport activity has become a necessity at my age. I feel young at heart. However, my body is kind of telling me that if I do not move something will start to hurt. That is why I also encourage my sons to do some common active activities on our holiday in Spain.

When I was young I did a lot of sports, such as swimming, basket ball and soccer. I also played a bit of tennis and squash. When we go to Villa Balea, I try do some of these sports with my kids.

1. Leave the pool and take a hike

My sons love computer games and watching shows. I sometimes regret the excellent WiFi and Apple TV we have in the villa. I want them to be outdoors.

They like to workout around the pool. Nevertheless, my goal is to lure them outside the property. I try to find new and different ways to get them out in the winter sun. The older son is ok to go for long walks but the younger one needs a bit more push. His passion is soccer and I am lucky that there are several soccer pitches in the area.

There are many hiking trails nearby and in Spain in general. I would pick interesting routes with things to do and see to encourage my kids. Sometimes, we would rent bikes and cycle around the area. There are hills, so we would get tired quite quickly, but it is still fun and you get to work up a sweat.

2. Sports center and mingle with the locals

I want them to fully enjoy Spain and meet up with locals. This is why I am happy that we have several sports facilities by walking distance from Villa Balea. My younger son takes the skateboard down the hill. In a few minutes we are at the closest Municipal sport center. It is behind the Norwegian school. Other days we go to the municipal tennis courts close to the Ciudad Quesada commercial centre.

You can book the municipal tennis courts you can book at the town Ciudad Quesada hall office. It is just at the main square in the Ciudad Quesada centre. It is free of charge for the residents of Ciudad Quesada and their guests.

The municipal sport centre is usually empty after 15:00 (3pm) in the afternoon. During the day you can find many school kids from the Norwegian school. It is open between 10:00-18:00 (10am – 6pm) every day except official Spanish holidays.

It is a great place with a combined basketball and futsal outdoor court. You can book the sport facility after opening hours. There are lights so you can play until late at night.

3. Paddle tennis

If you enjoy paddle tennis like my sons do, there are several paddle tennis courts close by. Paddle Tennis is very popular in Spain and you can find many places. The closest to Villa Balea are in Guardamar de Segura, a coastal town about 9 km från Ciudad Quesada.

It has become one of the top common sport activities in Spain over the recent years because many find it easy to play. As well as, it doesn’t require too much special equipment.

Recharge with an active holiday

An active holiday lifestyle in combination with great and healthy food is a great way to feel great. We certainly recharged our energy by taking a holiday at Villa Balea.