Unusual things to do and excursions in Ciudad Quesada, Alicante

There are a lot of unusual things to do and excursions around Ciudad Quesada, Alicante, and Villa Balea. The best kind of holiday is the stress-free getaway. The one where you allow yourself to get away from everyday life. However, travelling also comes with the urge to see something new. The real energy booster is when you can treat yourself with something that you would usually not do back home.

Myself, I prefer short half-day trips. It gives me time to relax in the morning, go down to the centre in Ciudad Quesada to start the day with a cafe con leche and a tostada. Then I am ready to start the day and to combine the excursion with a great lunch on the go.

Ciudad Quesada Centre

Ciudad Quesada is an excellent starting point for local and nearby micro excursions. Plan a trip each day, it is not hard work.

1. History and geography – visit the region of Vega Baja 

The Vega Baja region borders to the north with the Vinalopó Medio and the Bajo Vinalopó, to the east with the Mediterranean Sea and to the west and south with the Region of Murcia.

La Vega Baja has a very interesting geological history linked to the evolution of the Segura River, the decreases and rises in the level of the Mediterranean Sea. During a period, approximately 8 million years ago the Mediterranean flooded almost the entire region.

Over millions of years the region has risen progressively and it still continues to do so today, as evidenced by its outstanding seismic activity. One of the singularities of the river valley of the Segura river is that there is a superficial layer of several tens of meters thick of sediments.

As well as, the unique architecture of the houses and villas are also quite a sight. Try to see if you can find the “quirks” of the many houses and villas in the area.

2. Art and culture – A trip along the river Segura an important source of water through history

Around the Segura river basin you find a flat and fertile land with irrigated agriculture. You can find great but rather small vegetable cultivation and orchards in the Rojales area. In the interior and mountainous area you can find larger farms. The coastal areas focus mainly on tourism. How is this one of the unusual things to do in Alicante?

Well, one of the attractions close to Ciudad Quesada are the caves, in the hills of the village of Rojales. The caves served as accommodation to to Murcian miners who came to Rojales to work in agricultural work. These dwelling build in the rock served as homes to locals until the beginning of the 20th century. To see the graves go to the “Cuevas de Rodeo” in Rojales.

Today it is a cultural center for art and culture. On Sundays this area is a meeting point for locals and visitors. You can enjoy exhibitions and performances. Hike from Ciudad Quesada. You will get a glimpse of the old part of the village, It is a great way to catch the life of a Spanish village before tourism entered into the villagers lives.

There is also a archaeological museum in Rojales, Museo Arqueologico Paleontologico Municipal, right in the village center in the plaza.

Learn more about the agricultural heritage at the Orchard museum.

3. Do sports and outdoors Ciudad Quesada

There are many sports and outdoor activities to choose from in the area. You can go running och hiking in ” el Recorral” and the Guardamar hills. Go for a morning walk in Ciudad Quesada or try out one of the many outdoor gym (not always the greatest but a good laugh). Rent a bike and explore the area. Through the Rojales municipality you can book a tennis or paddle tennis court.

Play boules with the locals

One of the most unusual things to do in Alicante, but actually quite fun, is to play boules with the locals. It is the atmosphere, the mix of people from different backgrounds, and seeing senior citizens playing with youngsters. Boules is a very popular sport in Spain, especially amongst senior citizens. However, recently the sport gained massive popularity because it is a simple relaxing game. The equipment is just heavy balls, and you can bring it with you to be played anywhere.

It is something grand kids can do with their grand parents. However, it is not only about the game, rather it is about the connection you made. Listen to stories about Spain, learn about its culture, and understand its people. The locals are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience. We recommend “Club Petanca Municipal de Rojales“, a boules club that is pay to play and is a popular local spot.