Coworking in Villa Balea is a real treat. I just love it.

Coworking in Mediterranean Villa Balea is for sure a real treat. I have organised three of them now and every time it has been such a lovely, lovely time. It is simple.

  • Pick people you really like, friends, colleague  or business partners and take off.
  • Decide which of your projects or challenges you would like to work with
  • Let your coworkers/ co-travellers know your ideas. One way is to organise a mastermind session

The combination of supporting each other, working in a common space, indoor and outdoors, and taking a break just chatting with  people you like over a have cup of tea in the sun, is such a bliss. The best moments at Villa Balea has for me been these moments of working away in a relaxed and sunny environment. 

The Mediterranean spring perfect time Coworking in Mediterranean Villa

The Mediterranean  spring is a lovely time to work and socialise outdoors and in the garden. It is easy to find a spot, in the sun or the shade to work with your computer. We have managed to get a good WiFi and there are tables in the pool area as well as in the orchard area. 

All of my coworking friends have had on their to do list to spend as much time as possible outdoors and to exercise. 

The agenda and daily program

It is important to have flexible planning and try to adjust to whatever comes along. Skype meetings, clients needing a quick reply combined with the need to not be stuck in the house.  We have great WiFi in the whole property and work related online meetings can be set up outdoors.  On one of the trips we took out the computer, put on a chair and did fitness or yoga online session around the pool and as well as in the garden.

A healthy and active working week with fantastic food, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Together, we have tried several of the trails and tracks in the area. Our favourites are the River Segura trail to Mediterranean Sea in Guardamar, the Guardamar hills and orchards and the nature reserve around the Salt Lakes in La Mata.  Walk-and-talk is a great way to start the day. 

Villa Balea is situated in Ciudad Quesada, a part of the Rojales municipality. Close by you have other villages and towns. In and round the house you can find many activities and possibilities for healthy living such as:

If you are interested in coworking trip with guided visits to learn more about Spanish food, crops and orchards we are working with Gunilla from the Swedish Guide Company Guidekullorna.