Staying at Villa Balea -rental villa Ciudad Quesada

Rental Villa Ciudad Quesada

Residential area

Rental villa Ciudad Quesada. Villa Balea is situated in a residential area close to the center of Ciudad Quesada. We ask all our guest to kindly  take into consideration that there are all-year-around  residents living in the area. 

Please keep the music and radio down to a normal and respectful level. . Thank you for your understanding

The Spanish regulation states no loud noise after 12pm.

Lighting, Electricity and environmental thought .

We are looking into installing solar panels for the Villa. Hopefully this will be a reality in 2023.

Generally speaking, Spanish electricity prices are high. Ways to save energy has become increasingly important in Spain.

Villa Balea has a good electric supply but we advise you not use all the electrical appliances at the same time.

We recommend:

  • After a shower turn off the heaters in the bathrooms
  • Do not use the washing machine together with all the kitchen appliances at the same time such as oven and dishwasher
  • The temperature difference between day and night is quite big in some of the seasons. It can be 5 Celsius at night but 20 Celsius at the day. An advice is to turn the radiators of during the day, have the shutters open during and let the sun in.
  • In the summer close the shutters to keep the sun out to keep the cool in the house.Do not leave the doors open when you have the AC on

The use of modern low-energy LED lights becomes important. We use these in most of the property. In cases where such are missing, one has to adapt the use. When the lights have modern low-energy LED lamps, the light can be kept on without causing too much energy usage/waste, the light can be left on at in the evening and night for comfort.

Alarm and security

The property and the garden has a high wall towards the road.

The house has modern home alarm system from Securitas / Verisure is installed in the entire house.  The alarm also has smoke detectors in case of fire. 

Operating the alarm is very simple.


There are two separate networks, one of the ground floor and one for the studio on the top floor.

Frequently asked questions 

Holiday rental Ciudad Quesada, please see our FAQ 

Drinking water from tap

We have installed a water filter so that you can drink the water from the water tap. In the kitchen you will find two taps. The one on the left side is for the filtered water. 

Holiday rental Ciudad Quesada. How to find the Villa

Please see google map for the best roads to Villa Balea

Address: Villa Balea , Avenida Costa Blanca 19- Ciudad Quesada

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