11 Good Restaurants In Alicante Spain

Good local restaurants in Alicante

There are many Good Restaurants Alicante. The Mediterranean Cuisine is simply superb in the Alicante province. Many restaurants are influenced by it. Restaurants and bars in Alicante have a large variety of local dishes, good quality local produce (Alicante has a large agriculture sector), wines and olive oils.

The Spanish are proud of their food and traditions, but at the same time willing to innovate and improve their dishes. Every region and family have a special way of preparing a Paella or steaming Cocido. It is because their recipes have been passed down in their family by previous generations. Therefore, only a handful of restaurants in the region is approved by the locals.

Orchards, agriculture, the Mediterranean and great food are inter-connected. Find a restaurant that specializes in a dish and you will for sure have a great experience. That’s why we listed top 11 good cheap restaurants in Alicante Spain. The restaurants are not just Spanish restaurants and tapas bars, rather their dishes are influenced by the Mediterranean Cuisine.

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Below you can find restaurants that Eva has tried. The goal is to give you 11 good restaurants with high value for money. We start off with 10.

Alicante City

Gema Penalva is a restaurant bar with great affordable tapas and superb wine. It is located in the historical part of Alicante, so it is the perfect to end after a day tour.

Ciudad Quesada 

Every year there are more and more restaurants in Ciudad Quesada centre. You can find almost all international kitchens such as Asian, French, British and of course Spanish. As I try them out I will write about them

It is a great place to have some drinks during the evening because they have a nice bar. They also offer traditional Spanish cuisine, as well as tapas and tasty Mediterranean desserts.

An Indian restaurant with great Indan food. It is very family friendly, ask the chef for extra hot curry and he will accommodate. In the centre of Ciudad Quesada  and  prices are quite low.


La chuchara serves Spanish lunch menus. Home-cooked and very good value for the money you pay. Mostly Spaniards stopping by to have their lunch. Visit the warehouse with the seasonal vegetable harvest. Full of local produce.

La Mata

Casa Paco is good place to have lunch because it is located next to the beach. You can return to the beach after lunch and enjoy the sun! They have great paella and seafood dishes.


Bar Sonia is a very popular lunch restaurant in the area. It offers a wide range of different traditional lunch dishes, including full English breakfast! As well as, Mediterranean pizzas and mixed seafood plates.

You should definitely try their to order homemade three meal lunch menu, tapas and local beer if you are in the area! The typical Spanish bar doesn’t have fancy dishes, but it does the basics very well.

Between Santa Pola and Guardmar

Hostal Marjua

Right on the beach by the Dunes de Pinet you can find this hostel with great Mediterranean food to resonable prices.  By the beach and you can hear the waves from the Mediterranean.

El Altet

Another great breakfast and lunch spot. Their dishes are affordable and fancy at the same time. You will feel you are at a Michelin star restaurant without paying a fortune.

Mar Menor

If you want to eat fish or seafood, then Freiduría Venercora is the place to go! It offers fresh seafood and have some very creative dishes.

A little more expensive but worth the excursion

San Juan

Baeza v Rufete in San Juan is a great tapas gastronomy restaurant. They have set tapas tasting menus with starters and a main dish, making it a great place if you want to taste gourmet tapas.

However, the prices are higher than the average restaurant in Spain.

For good paellas

Offering rice dishes since 1981 made with firewood and in a classic way. Nothing can compromise the quality and tradition of their rice dishes and other local dishes..

Rated top 5 restaurants on Tripadvisor, it has a great typical classic Spanish menu. You most likely will see more locals there than tourists! That goes to show how good their food is.

Gourmet restaurants in Elche

Elche has a population of  228 000. It is a large business community, being close to the airport and agriculture roots makes it possible to maintain a series of high standard restaurants.

Try some of the regions gastro-botanical specialties with ingredients from the local farms of fruits and vegetables. Such as almonds, pomegranate, dates and artichokes.

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It is one of the few gastronomy Michelin star restaurant in the region. and rated number 1 restaurant on Tripadvisor in Elche, but it is quite pricey. It specializes in Mediterranean and European food.

A very modern restaurant that specializes in gourmet tapas. Its ambiance, environment and decor is one of the best in Elche. Perfect for couples and family.

An Andalusia cuisine restaurant that is known for gazpacho and fried fish etc. Andalusia is a region in Spain famous for frying with olive oil.

A spectacular restaurant located at the basilica square in the old town of Elche. It isn’t a tourist spot, rather many locals go there too for its food.

A place in the old town with a beautiful garden. It is a gastrobar, meaning it focuses on the food experience, from presentation to taste.

For snack break

Try the cake “Camp d’elx” at Confeteria Castell or a “Tarta de almendras” or “Torta de Elx” at Pastelería Patiño.

To conclude

There are many great affordable restaurants in Alicante and Elche Spain. The restaurants on this list are recommended by our guests and locals. They all offer a variety of traditional Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine.

Everything for gourmet gastronomy Michelin star restaurants to basic tapas, traditional paellas and rice dishes. Come to Alicante for your next holiday and stay at conveniently located Villa Balea to get the most out of your food tour.